Torchwood Calender 2009

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We are the tw_calender. Complete with spelling mistake.

We very simply count down to special events in the year.

It's coming up to our birthday on the 30th (Ocotber) and we may be celebrating this, to get people back into the spirit in time for Christmas.

As you can tell, we've been kon a kind of hiatus lately, as we were going to do many more things than we actually did.

And A Few House Rules.

We like it to be fun around here, if we're all stingy and grumpy then a countdown is no fun. However, we do, like most comms have a few rules that we like to keep true to.

1) If you cannot make a deadline for a piece, for whatever reason, let us mods know on torchwoodcalender@googlemail.com (wait for confirmation on that one I'm not 100% sure and don't have it written in front of me, will be edited ASAP if incorrect.) We won' be angry at you, even if you just didn't want to write it. However ignore us and just not post on the day and face our WRATH!!! dr_is_in is very good at that. You have been warned.

2) Explicit content, don't stop on our account, we all enjoy it. ("Well some of us," grumbles phantomreviewer) But anyway, if you're going to write a little something M/17 then please feel free, but please write something for our younger readers (and mods) it's a little unfair to make a calender and then leave out days. All it needs be is a drabble or a picture, anything relating to your prompt. It's like someone eating the chocolates out your advent calender before you wake up.

3) And now, phantomreviewer's favourite rule. Please post a copy of your fic DIRECT to this comm! This isn't stopping you posting in other comms/fanfic/journals, we'd be cruel to stop you doing that and we've got no right to ask you. However, what we do insist on is having a direct copy on this site, not a link to your journal, but a copy under a LJ Cut. It's just a simple request that makes life easier for everyone. We maintain an archive here and if you have your fic posted as a link then if you turn your journal 'friend's only' or you delete it/it gets deleted then we've lost a resource to our archieve and everyone's lost a brilliant fic to read. So please?

Because as I'm writing this, it is Christmas, and everyone keeping these rules would be a super present!

For everyone!